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Seed Library
Seed Library and Exchange

Seed Library and Exchange

Welcome to the West Acton Citizens' Library Seed Library and Exchange

A seed library is a place where gardeners “borrow” seeds from the library at planting time. At the end of the growing season, they save seeds from the plants and return a portion of the seeds to the library.

  1. Pick up your free seed packets and growing instructions at the West Acton Citizens' Library.

  2. Take them home and grow them in your garden.

  3. Harvest seeds from produce and thoroughly air dry them.

  4. Place them in the envelopes provided, label and return to the library so others can grow them next year.

WACL - Seed Library Catalog

• Sonja Sunflowers

• Sugar Ann Snap Peas

• Genovese Basil *

• Cosmos-Versailles Mix

• Green Butterhead Lettuce *

• Swiss Chard- Multicolored*

• Avalanche Snow Peas

• New England Pie Pumpkin (small)*

• Lunchbox Pepper Mix (small)*

• Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash*

• Cool Customer Cucumber (small)*

• Marketmore Slicing Cucumber*

• Crimson Sweet Watermellon

• Waltham Butternut Winter Squash*

• Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato*

• Striped German Heirloom Tomato*

• Brandywine Heirloom Tomato*

• Early Jalapeno Pepper*

• Delicata Winter Squash*

• Yankee Bell Pepper- (green to red)*

• Valencia Heirloom Tomato*

• Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato (cherry)*

• Black Cherry Tomato*

• Pink Bumble Bee Tomato (cherry)*

• Sweet Granite Cantaloupe*

• Provider Snap Beans*

• Sugar Baby Watermelon (small)

• Baby Bear Pumpkin (small)

*Certified Organic

All library seeds are Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine and are New England hardy.

We also take in orphan seeds from local gardeners who have extras and make those available to gardeners who need extra.

Check out what seeds we have available as well as our collection of books on starting and saving seeds.

Think Spring!

Print out these instructions.